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Built for Email Marketers

Email Insights is a research tool built for email marketers. Use it to track competitors, learn marketing tactics, gain inspiration and see best practices.

So how does Email Insights help you
create effective marketing campaigns?


View thousands of email newsletters from the top brands and companies. All in real time and in one place to help you get the data you need to produce exceptional marketing campaigns.


Email Insights gives you the tools to keep up with email marketing changes and trends. Find out if competitors are doing anything better than you and how you can top it.


Generate new ideas for content calendar, on-boarding or one-off marketing campaigns. Use data rather than assumptions to create your communication plan.

Email Insights is a fantastic tool for competitive research, see when emails are being sent and what is being said. Uncover new ways to connect with customers and improve customer engagement.


Create a winning email marketing strategy in less time


Helpful Reports

View any newsletter report individually or in aggregate. Select from our curated lists or create your own.

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Your Own Swipe File

View any email creative. Favorite any emails to create your own "swipe file".

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Subject Line Analysis

View most frequently used words in subject lines for any newsletter and date range.

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